Firmware update (old way)

Start SSH server

/etc/init.d/dropbear start

Deactivate boot splash

  • Edit /boot/autoboot.txt and append psplash=false at the end of the setenv bootargs parameter
  • Or hit Alt + D-pad right to disable it temporarily

Turn wifi off

  • pandora-ctl stop wifi

Handling PND Files

  • Run in console with pnd_run
  • Mount PND File
  • /usr/pandora/scripts/ -m -p <pnd_file>

Installing software

  • opkg install <ipk-file>
  • Or use Milky (pacman for pandora)

Setting up cross-compile environment

Cross compile some source

  • Go to the source tree and Execute
pandora-dev/sdk_utils/ --prefix=/data/muh/
make install
pandora-dev/sdk_utils/ -p zsh.pnd -d /data/muh
  • must run as root
  • Maybe you have to add -I$PNDSDK/usr/include to CFLAGS in Makefile or

Building PND file

pandora-dev/sdk_utils/ -p some-new-app.pnd -d /dir-to-compress
  • Maybe you want to edit PXML.xml to specify exec script
<exec command="scripts/"/>
  • To rebuild a mounted pnd on pandora use
mksquashfs . /tmp/new.pnd ; cat PXML.xml icon.png >> /tmp/new.pnd

Setting up complete development environment